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Ashleigh + Jared | Belmont NC

Another engagement session in the books - tis the season! This one was in downtown Belmont, the place where Ashleigh and Jared first met, and the place where they call home. It was chilly, but we were blessed with a beautiful sunset - and body heat made for some fire images. These two will be getting married in just a few short months! So many exciting things in store for them - I’m honored to capture it all.

  • How did you meet? Bumble, imagine that!

  • How did he propose? At a hot air balloon festival. It was magical!

  • For the Groom | What do you love most about your girl? I love the light and happiness she brings to my life.

  • For the Bride | What do you love most about your guy? I can be 100% myself with him. He loves me through my sweet, goofy, spontaneous, hard to love, emotional (especially now with the pregnancy!) moments.


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