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Lauren + Max | Magnolia Plantation & Gardens

This wedding day in Charleston, South Carolina at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens was simply dreamy. It had been years since I was last at this venue, but not much has changed, and that’s a good thing! This vow renewal happened on the most beautiful of days, with perfect temperatures, gorgeous people, and lots of southern charm. And thank the Lord that I did not see any alligators.

  • How did you meet? Max and I met through work, we were on the same consulting engagement team. I moved from NYC to Charlotte and knew a handful of people, Max was one of the first people I met.. the rest is history!

  • How did he propose? We went to San Fran & Napa for my 30th Birthday and Max proposed at my parents favorite vineyard in Napa and hired a photographer and had dozens of roses + Champagne waiting for us to celebrate!


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