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Lexi + Austin | Charlotte, NC

This beautiful backyard wedding was the pre-cursor to Lexi and Austin's COVID rescheduled big day for next year. Set among the quiet wood-lined backyard of this couple's newly moved into home, their family and friends gathered as they shared tears, vows, and rings.

Here are the stories of how they met and why they love each other :

How did you meet? Austin and I met through mutual friends. My best friend Taylor from Virginia Tech is now married to Jesse, who was one of Austin's best friends from when he lived in Blacksburg and went to Radford. When I first moved to Charlotte, I lived with Jesse. He had always mentioned Austin, but to be honest I wasn’t interested. After a few months, Jesse's girlfriend, my best friend Taylor, moved in. We decided one night we were going to go to Selwyn Pub with a bunch of friends. Austin was there; he would say that he instantly thought he wanted to hang out with me again, but quite frankly I didn’t pay him much attention. A few weeks later he asked if the four of us could go out. We went to a brewery and then went and played board games afterward. I was very forward and asked him at the end of the night if he was going to ask for my phone number or not. It ended up being the best night and the beginning of our relationship. I don’t know if he knows this or not, but for the first two months of our relationship I kept a journal of all the fun things that we did, and love to go back and read through it.

For the Groom | What do you love most about your girl? How much she cares about everyone around her. She is the definition of selfless. Also, when we're dancing in the kitchen, because she doesn't have the best rhythm, she makes a concentrating face when busting a move. Gets me every time.

For the Bride | What do you love most about your guy? I love his heart. No matter who or what, he loves with everything he has. He is so caring and compassionate. He would do anything for anyone, no questions asked. Knows exactly how to calm me down and ease my mind. He is easily the funniest person I have ever met, and makes me laugh constantly. I also love the way he lights up a room when he walks in, whether he is making people laugh or showing off his dance moves, he is the life of the party... always.


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