• Dani Nicole

Melissa + Zach's Sycamore Brewing Love Story

These two met at Sycamore Brewery ... just like tons of people do every day at this South End singles hot spot. Between their own chemistry and their pups coming together, they hit it off, and a year later they are still drinking craft brews together at the same table they sat when they first set eyes on each other. So it was only fitting to do a couple's dating anniversary session at the original place where their love first bloomed. 

From sitting at that same table - you betcha they remembered which one it was - to recreating their first kiss on the stage platform, we wandered around Sycamore in the morning while it was a ghost town and even slipped a Christmas wreath or two on the dogs - Melissa and Zach can tell you how that went, HA!    

Overall, it was the sweetest session of puppy love - no pun intended :)