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Shelby + Brendon + The Pups

I virtually met Shelby on Instagram, where she had heard of DNP from a friend who had done a boudoir session with me. Her and her husband Brendon had recently gotten hitched in California in a small ceremony, yet the two loves of their lives weren't in attendance. So naturally, a post wedding photo shoot had to happen, including Charlotte and Behryn this time. 

The beautiful couple got dressed up again - in their same wedding attire - and met me at the Antiquity bridge, with the pups in their wedded finest as well. As we dodged car after car - because who knew this neighborhood bridge was the place to be on a Friday evening - we made the best of the best kind of family portraits. Once Charlotte and Behryn were all treated and paparazzi-ed out, I had the opportunity to do a little one on one with the newlyweds.

These are the moments where I know God puts me in specific places at specific times for specific reasons, no matter how trivial. Our session started much later in the evening than planned, so our original idea to hit up Jetton Park after the bridge got nixed due to lighting. We stayed at the bridge all night, and literally two steps next to it, on the sidewalk of a busy neighborhood street, were the most beautiful soft purple ferns and fields, perfectly backdropped by a stunning fall sunset. As passerbys rubbernecked and tried not to hit the energy filled tiny photographer who kept running out into the streets to work, Shelby and Brendon laughed and loved on each other, and I kept shooting until the sun disappeared. It was a more beautiful setting than I could have ever imagined, and I'm so thankful for when plans fail. 

I know these photos are special to this bride and groom because their pups are so important to them, but they also hold an extra deep meaning. Brendon will be deployed to Afghanistan after the holidays with the Army, and these images are just one more thing that Shelby can cling to while he's away from her, fighting for our freedom. Pictures aren't just pretty, they are life giving and sustaining... and to be a part of that for someone is the reason why I work my ass off everyday. It will forever be worth it. 


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