• Dani Nicole

The Boudoir Studio's Mini Makeover

When you shoot in the same room over and over again you start to notice little things that get on your nerves, items or spaces that are continually being cloned out in post-processing, nuances that each time you sigh with frustration over, yet do nothing about ... well, finally enough was enough, and one random weekend, I told the boyfriend I wanted to paint the studio black and white. So that day we bought a bunch of paint, made a couple walls one color and the other walls another, took down the shades, patched a few holes, and voila, the difference was mind-blowing.

This lady was the first one to be shot in the fresh studio, so naturally I had to feature her, so we could not only show off our handiwork, but also admire how beautiful a natural face and tousled hair is for a boudoir session.

And now the rest of the house is being painted black ...