you have a story worth telling

I am a Charlotte, North Carolina wedding photographer who captures the most intimate and unique of nuptials ... the backyard weddings, the courthouse vows, the cliffside elopements ... while also helping give the largest of celebrations a cozy feel, through personalized photojournalism and genuine interaction.  


I adore seeing couples strip down the wedding planning process and make their day about nothing more than that simple love that brought them together. I'll tell your story in a real, moment by moment way, whether you're professing your life to your partner in front of just an officiant or two hundred members of your tribe. 





I dig love. All of it. Especially the parts that are real and raw and full of life. 

i want a marriage more beautiful than my wedding.

Dani is a triple threat because not only is she insanely skilled at shooting/editing, but she is an amazing director and is so personable. On our wedding day she came in and managed all of our guests and bridal party with so much ease and warmth. She worked with and around all our vendors with so much leadership, confidence, and flexibility. Future brides - this part is CRUCIAL. Your photographer's editing/shooting skills are important, but their experience in weddings specifically is necessary. It will help your wedding day go so much smoother if you have an experienced photographer who can come in there and just command the room but also stay open to suggestions, creative ideas, and last-second changes. She did that for us and it helped calm my nerves tremendously.

Love, Juliet



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