Charlotte Wedding Photographer

hey there!

I'm Dani, a Northerner at heart and a Southerner by location. Jesus is my Savior, and my faith is not only written on my heart, but also on my wrist - true tattoo story. He's the one who's given me my creative energy and this life with which I'm determined to capture all the good in, so the praise and credit is all His. 

My personal love story includes divorce and then redemption. I'm now married to a God-fearing man who makes me laugh every single day and who loves me well. I have two crazy cute and amazing kiddos from my first marriage, and the sweetest baby girl with my forever husband. Our crew of three littles keep us on our toes and make our days full - of both love and exhaustion. 


On a good day, you can find me drinking all the wine and eating all the chocolate, chauffeuring my social butterflies to playdates and extracurriculars, and faithfully behind my computer editing photos, all while listening to worship music and podcasts ... keeping the #momtreprenuer hustle alive.

My wedding photography style? I'm a little bit obsessed with all the moodiness. I love creating deep, rich, bold images, bursting with classic authenticity and genuine emotion. I believe that the way a photographer edits their photos is a glimpse into their personality, so there's no light and bright over here! This is one moody, deep thinking, emotionally driven, perfectly imperfect, uniquely unposed, and tells-it-how-it-is unfiltered kind of girl, who visually tells people's stories through the lens of real life. And real life is not defined as light and bright to me, it's full of shadows, angles, bold passion, and discovering beauty in the darkness.         

how did i get here?

There was never a time when I ever had a burning desire to be a photographer. I mean, I always liked taking pictures as much as the next girl - especially when the selfie game started, #noshame - but there was never an aching inside of me to pick up a camera and become the next big thing. I didn’t even know what a DSLR was until a few years ago. Photography never crossed my life radar... But then it happened. One of my worst nightmares came true...

Charlotte Wedding Photographer
Charlotte Wedding Photographer

the why behind the triangle 

In my logo, there is a simple triangle. You might just think it's a cool geometric shape that's randomly placed there for aesthetic effect. Nope. 

I heard a pastor preach about marriage one time years and years ago, and an illustration he taught has always stuck with me: The Marriage Triangle. He said to imagine the wife at one bottom point of the triangle, the husband at the other, and God at the top point. As each individual moves up their line of the triangle towards the top point, they get closer and closer together; as a wife and husband both become closer to God, they also become closer to each other. Simple, but powerful, and right in line with my belief of making your marriage more beautiful than your wedding.