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Abby + Greg's Moody Brewery Wedding

The last wedding I shot, it rained.

This latest wedding, it rained ... even more ... constantly ...

After this wedding, I no longer mind if it rains. Rain can be beautiful, and gives me the opportunity to think even more creatively and critically, and for some weird reason, even though this was by far the hardest wedding to navigate because of the weather, I felt the most confident than I ever have in a wedding day. God works in mysterious ways for sure.

Ah, Abby and Greg ... a down to earth, craft beer lovin', laughter inducing pair that is a match made in heaven, whose friends and family are just as fun and hilarious as they are. I quickly threw out the "now look at me with a serious face" posing thread, as that was just not possible with these full personalities. And am I ever glad I did, because I was able to capture some of the most genuine reactions I ever have. Their day consisted of lots of beer and umbrellas, sparkles and sneakers, VW buses and donut cakes, the best maid of honor speech I've ever heard, with a side of uptown shuttle rides and prayers over collected rainwater from their day.

Not only was the day simply beautiful and flawlessly executed, but the vendor team was fantastic, from meeting Charlotte Fete and zlove.jpg in the flesh, to shooting at my first brewery, to seeing my favorite officiant once again work her magic (she's the amazing lady blessing the rainwater in the pic below). Abby and Greg chose a great team for their destination wedding (when I booked them oh so long ago they were living in Maryland, now they've moved across the country to Cali), and I'm so grateful to have been a part of it.     

Long live rainy, moody, brewery weddings!


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