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Abby + Greg's Engagement Session - with a side of Kona

This craft beer lovin', Maryland livin', and dog raisin' couple are some of the most down to earth, relaxed people I've ever met. After they decided to book me for their December 2018 wedding, which I might add is going to take place at a local Charlotte brewery WITH a donut cake - ideal clients right here, folks! - we scheduled an engagement session and a meet-and-greet for when they came back into town for Thanksgiving.

We met at an old museum in Waxhaw and casually took some images while playing with their pup Kona. It was a mild, overcast evening, and as we laughed, joked around with Kona's handler and treat dispenser (a.k.a. Abby's brother), dodged grasshoppers and gnats, and cozied up to 1840's cabins, we created moody, authentic pictures with a casual, laid back vibe.

And now, next December can't come quick enough for me! I'm excited to see how else they incorporate themselves and their unique relationship into their wedding day, and the parts I've heard so far are spot on, and going to be kinda epic!


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