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Amy + Jereme's Separk Mansion Wedding

I don't even care that much that the new blog format for my site puts my images out of order. Typically, I would be screaming and letting my Type A get the best of me, but for some reason, I'm just letting it go; realizing that each one of these photos still tell the wedding story of this couple, and while a jumbled story might not be the best to read, it sure is still pretty to look at.

Amy and Jereme celebrated their beautiful passion among a small gathering of friends and family at Separk Mansion on the prettiest and mildest of warm days; as the beer and champagne flowed, as special people were honored and remembered, and as a new blended family was formed, I sat back and simply soaked it all in; beyond happy for this bride who I felt a special kind of bond with immediately as we chatted over coffee months earlier, it was my honor to see her finally meet the man who was meant to be hers.


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