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Ashlei + Josh | The Mint Museum

This Boston based couple came to me at the same time their friends did, and they both ended up booking me for their wedding days. First came their friend's day back in April, and then came theirs, and there's something extra special for me about shooting wedding days for friends, and seeing those same people in the respective bridal parties and throughout the day. Makes it feel more like home.

Ashlei and Josh planned their classy uptown wedding day at the famous Mint Museum, and it was a beautiful day full of first look tears, city walks, hilarious toasts, and a crazy party. All the congrats and love to this awesome couple. It was an honor to be included in such a beautiful celebration!

  • How did you meet? We met through mutual friends! I (Ashlei) had a college friend/sorority sister move to Boston. She had a childhood friend that attended college here, so when we started hanging out and going out we'd always meet up with him. This friend had so many awesome people around him, one of them being Josh. I was a smitten kitten when I saw him. We first met Halloween, he was a sushi roll and I helped duct tape a red pillow to his white shirt. He didn't seem to notice me much but I made sure to come around A LOT more after that. I made sure he got my number next time we all hung out and then we finally went on our first date!

  • How did he propose? March 20, 2020 was supposed to be a day of family, friends, and joy. That was the plan before coronavirus. Despite coronavirus’s best efforts to cancel travel plans of friends and family, stress me out, and test my (backup) planning, March 20 was still a great day, filled with joy and love. Under the guise of going to a friends’ house for dinner (was originally supposed to be going to dinner at a restaurant), I told Ashlei that our friends were running late and we had some time to kill. So I suggested that we go for a walk at Piers Park in East Boston. Little did she know, I had the ring in my jacket pocket. As we walked down towards the water at the park, I remarked to her how we took our first picture together at this same park almost 3 years ago. I asked her if she wanted to take another memorable picture there, and then I got down on one knee and the rest is history.

  • For the Groom | What do you love most about your girl? Ashlei has this ability to anticipate but also understand the needs of others, constantly putting them ahead of herself. I’m not sure if that should be called kindness, selflessness, or just the genuine desire to spread happiness wherever she goes. She lights up any room she walks into, not just with her smile and laugh (or giggle), but also with her thoughtfulness and compassion. She demonstrates this ability in all facets of her life, whether it be at school with her kids, at home with me (and our cat), or in a completely foreign environment helping a stranger with directions. The love she has shown to everyone and everything has just confirmed to me that she is the best thing in my life.

  • For the Bride | What do you love most about your guy? Josh is truly a gentleman. It is so hard to pick the one thing I love the most. I would say to wrap it all together, I love how much he cares. About me, his friends, our cat daughter, his work and his family. Although his tough exterior and go getter work life might appear that he is just go, go, go all the time, he really takes time for those he loves. He is constantly growing and helping me grow as a person too. He helps me be a better person. He is the one that makes me complete and pushes me to do better while cheering me on from the sidelines.


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