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Casey + Chad's Langtree Plantation Wedding of the Year

It's funny that I think of this day as the Wedding of the Year, when in fact it was just my first wedding of the new year, but anything else that comes behind it will truly give it a run for its money. I could turn this blog post into an entire novel if I tried to talk about all things Casey and Chad and their wedding day, so I'll try to contain myself and simply cover the major bases. 

I first met Casey and Chad at their proposal, where Chad pulled out all the stops and surprised Casey in a really big way - check out the story and images here. Then, when they decided to book me for their wedding (which made me sob like a big baby), we shot engagement pictures - check those out here. Then, when Casey decided to present her groom-to-be with the sultriest of gifts, we had a little fun at my studio - you won't be checking those out here ;) 

And then, finally, the big day arrived. I had been with this couple since the beginning. I had the honor and privilege to capture all the major parts of their love story up to this point, and it was surreal to walk into the doors of the Langtree Plantation and see Casey as a bride. The day was a beautiful blur, complete with the best of the best vendors, the most gorgeous of bridesmaids, the most intricate of details, and the most passionate of emotions.

From the popping of champagne by the bridesmaids as they huddled under blankets in the sunny bridal suite ... to the soothing, sweet voice of my high school best friend who was the lead vocalist ... to dancing with my second shooter and the father of the groom while holding a Stella ... to the tears in Chad's eyes as his bride walked down the aisle ... to the perfect sunset that made a cold January evening burn bright ... this was one hell of a way to start my year! 


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