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Chelsea + Anthony | Cedar Creek Ranch

I remember when I first met this couple, at an uptown Charlotte coffee shop on a sunny afternoon for their consult. I remember holding back tears as Anthony told me what he loved about his bride-to-be and what he wanted for their marriage. It was everything that I desire for my couples (and myself!) to have, and I knew right away that these two were the real deal, and that it would be the ultimate privilege to capture their wedding day.

The day came and went, and I keep going back through their album to relive the beauty and emotion of such a special time. Not only was the ceremony site engulfed by the most beautiful sunset light I've ever photographed, but the prayers, the laughter, the tears, the stories ... the dancing, oh the dancing, the people and the ambience and the hues of this wedding day gave me so much life.

A free-lensed portrait of Chelsea and Anthony became the new main image of my website, not only because it shows so much emotion, depth, and technical precision, but because I think it truly epitomizes the coming together of two very different people who hold a common goal to not trivialize the meaning of the vows they promised to each other and to God. I believe this couple symbolizes what my wedding brand is all about : "i want a marriage more beautiful than my wedding".


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