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Courtney + Greg | The Inn at Longshore, CT

This was such an amazing wedding day, one of my top weddings of all time, and one I had excitedly been waiting for for a long time. Not only did my second shooter and I brave the bitter cold of Connecticut, but we were treated like family from the very start, and I left this 11 hour day feeling as fresh as I did when I arrived. The energy, laughter, and pure joy from this bridal party was infectious, leaving a permanent smile on my face all day long. I will say, I have never seen a party bus partied in quite as hard.

The beautiful surroundings of The Inn at Longshore left me with some of my favorite couple portraits, and don't even get me started on the reception party. There were foam glow sticks, DJ stand takeovers, a lit-up marshmello head, a crowd surfing cardboard cutout of the bride, and a full dance floor from start to finish. Everywhere I turned there was life, passion, excitement, and love. It was a wedding day for the books, and one I will forever be grateful I was a part of.


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