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Falyn + Matt's Moody Rooftop E-Sesh

It's fall in Charlotte! Which means we don't always get the gorgeous sunsets... sometimes it's downright dreary. And with the threat of rain and storms this whole day, we didn't think we'd even get to shoot. But Falyn and Matt waited to the wire with me, and when the weather predictions showed that the rain would stop at the exact time their engagement session was scheduled to start, we crossed our fingers, grabbed an umbrella, and hit the deck.

This sweet couple brought their spunky pup Luke along for some shots, and each sporting their hometown pride, walked through puddles, tried to keep up with their fur baby, and dodged the few teenage hoodlum Bird riders who thought scootering on top of a parking deck was a good idea. After an outfit change and thankful prayers sent up to God for keeping the rain away, we continued our moody frames on and below Target's faithful parking deck. And we made some magic among the clouds.   


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