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Falyn + Matt's Tiny CLT Wedding

I met Falyn and Matt the day of their engagement session many months ago, when the sky was brooding and we debated all day whether or not to reschedule. Though a slight change of plans in locations, we still met that day, and on top of my favorite Charlotte parking deck, with puddles of rainwater scattered around and threatening clouds, we made beautifully moody images.

Fast forward to their wedding day, and those same skies taunted us as Falyn put the finishing touches on her wedding ensemble from the top of an uptown hotel skyscraper. We made it to tiny Latta Park, and Falyn walked down to meet her groom, surrounded by a modest number of family and friends. During the vows, the skies opened and as passionate tears flowed and handwritten promises were said, thunder roared and a soothing waterfall of rain created the background ambience for this intimate and sacred ceremony. The new couple quietly danced to an impromptu favorite song as the rain drops fell, a few family portraits were attempted before the floodwaters came rushing into the gazebo, and then the party moved over to the reception dinner location. 

Thankfully, over in the Southpark area, the weather had cleared and as the group made their way to dinner, I had the absolute delight of walking around with Falyn and Matt and creating some of my very most favorite couple portraits. An after rain session with a beautiful bride and groom, in the most classic of attire, with no stress and no time limits, was the perfect way to spend the evening, and the reason why tiny weddings are the passion of my soul. 


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