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Gabrielle + Justin's Tennessee Vineyard Wedding

I love blogging, because I love showing off my couples and my work, I love telling snippets of their stories, and I think inspiration is always worth sharing. But, I also hate blogging because choosing which images to showcase is a near impossible feat. Hence my frustration in writing this as the small handful of amazing images from Gabrielle and Justin's wedding day I chose for this blog post are uploading - wishing I could just share all 624 of them... sigh...

This Villa Nove Vineyard wedding was simply a dream, complete with sunny skies, a breathtaking landscape, and a personal flashback of the plans for my Italian vacation that were made, but yet to be executed (c'mon, honeymoon!) Together with an intimate number of their family and friends, this mountain loving couple tied the knot in a Tuscan fairytale land. Complete with the groom's "The Great Spreadsheet of Love" made possible by duct tape, Chacos and unbridled dance moves lighting up the dance floor, a s'mores bar that I took over, and loads of pee-your-pants laughter and sob-your-eyes-out emotion, this wedding day will forever be a beautiful memory.


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