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Gina + Jack's Sunset Engagement Session

Jack is the brother of one of my brides for 2019, and in a last minute scramble to find a new photographer to capture his and Gina's engagement photos, his sister reached out to me, and I'm so glad she did. This South End based couple, whose wedding will be up in Boston at the end of the year, made golden hour at Latta Plantation look so freakin good. 

Here are their stories...

How We Met - as told by Gina

Jack and I had mutual friends in college, and we all decided to go out for a drink or two one night. Our mutual friends had to work the next morning (looking back on it, thank God they did!), but Jack and I had the morning off, so we were up for staying out for a little while longer, while no one else was. At this point, I didn't even know Jack, and I thought it could be awkward, but we decided to stay out for just ONE more drink. We talked about everything under the sun (or moon), and all of a sudden we were closing out the bar and knew so much about each other after having known nothing at all! As the country singer Frankie Ballard says, "It all started with a beer..." We never looked back after that!

The Proposal - as told by Gina

One of the things that is most exciting about having a partner like Jack is that we literally love doing all the same things. One of those things is enjoying the same music and going to music festivals together; it has always been our thing and where we've made some of our most indescribable memories. That's why when Jack and I bought our tickets to Hulaween Music Festival last October, Jack thought it would be the perfect place to propose. The Saturday night of the festival, we broke away from our friend group to have some time alone by a lake under the moonlight, and that's where Jack popped the question. It was romantic and private and perfect, and a moment we will never forget.


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