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Haleigh + Rob | Templeton Meadows

These two married at Templeton Meadows amidst the fall colors and chilly temperatures, and with a whole lotta love and emotion. And a party .. oh my, what a party it was. Then they bravely got back up the next morning for a “day after” session on a neighboring mountaintop. All the congrats and well wishes to Haleigh and Rob. It was an honor to be trusted with your special, and long awaited, day.

  • How did you meet? In high school

  • How did he propose? He secretly gathered our friends and family together on our dating anniversary and proposed in front of the lake where we live. He made me wear a blindfold so I couldn’t see them. When I took it off, he was on his knee with the ring in his hand. After I said yes everyone cheered! I had no idea they were all behind me until that moment.

  • For the Groom | What do you love most about your girl? It’s hard to pick one thing! I love everything about her. The chemistry is real! We do everything together. I think the most thing I love about her is the way she loves me. She’s so patient with me when I get frustrated, she plays with me when I’m being playful, she’s intimate with me when I’m intimate, she’s emotional when I’m emotional. We just click on a whole other level and her passion is unwavering. I love her smile and her laugh. I love her eyes and the way she looks at me. She’s a one of a kind!

  • For the Bride | What do you love most about your guy? I love the way he takes care of me. Always going above and beyond to make sure I am happy. He’s also so incredibly smart and so funny. We have fun together!


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