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Hannah + Craig | Blue Ridge Parkway

This couple came to me as a referral from the bride's sister, whose wedding I photographed last year. I absolutely adore this family, and was beyond honored when they came back to me in hopes of photographing another wedding. We took off to the NC mountains for their engagement session, which is a meaningful spot to the couple, and a place where they take their pup for hikes. It was a beautiful evening, with the most scenic backgrounds and the cutest of love.

  • How did you meet? We are both elementary school teachers at a Catholic School. Craig teaches 5th grade and I teach 3rd grade. We were really good friends for awhile and then the rest is history!

  • How did he propose? We had plans to spend the day together with our dog at Treehouse Vineyards out in Monroe, NC before going out to dinner for New Years Eve. We were walking around looking for a table and we had found a picnic table off to the side. The next thing I knew, Craig was down on one knee asking me to marry him. My sister and her husband were waiting to the side ready to celebrate. Craig had reserved a treehouse for us to celebrate in and even got our dog a cute bandanna that said "She said yes!".

  • For the Groom | What do you love most about your girl? Her heart. She is the kindest most loving person I have ever met. She will go out of her way for anyone and she always does it out of love. She has made me a better person and allowed me to see more good in the world. She took a chance on me and together I feel like there is nothing that we can't take on. The way she loves me makes me feel so happy and honored to have someone I love so much to spend the rest of my life with!

  • For the Bride | What do you love most about your guy? I love the way that Craig loves me; whether it is doing the little things or knowing when I need a really good laugh or even just a hug, Craig never fails at bringing a smile to my face. I know I will always have his love and support, just like he will always have mine!


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