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Historic Belmont with Amy + Jereme

Sometimes the best laid plans fail, and you end up being thankful because Plan B turned out even better than Plan A. That's what happened for Amy and Jereme's engagement session, when our two planned locations ended up turning into one. But that one was everything! 

My first time shooting in the quaint little town of Belmont was a breath of fresh air ... literally, as we had the most gorgeous evening to work with; a far cry from the rainy, icy cold days that have become Charlotte's new spring of 2019. My goodness, how I've missed the challenge of capturing sun flares and feeling sweat drench my back as heat also encompasses the screen of my camera.

We walked through town, grabbing every mural, alley, and brick wall we could find, and strolled through the central park where the dipping sun created some of the most dramatic backlit images I've had the pleasure of creating. Amy was a dream in her boho dress, and I was able to sneak a small smile here and there from Jereme. It was a magical night, and makes me super excited to photograph their wedding in June!


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