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Jennifer + Jude | Raleigh NC

This tiny wedding in Raleigh was simply beautiful. Not because there was lots of stuff, fancy decor, or all the extra elements of a wedding day - but because the pure love between Jennifer and Jude radiated throughout every moment - from their first look and exchanging of gifts to the traditional Catholic ceremony at the most stunning of cathedrals to the union of a blended family. Even though the air was frigid on this winter afternoon, the heat between these two was undeniable. To finish off their day, they celebrated at a modest inn with emotional dances, dinner, and fellowship with their nearest and dearest. Being my first wedding of the year, it was the best way to kickoff 2022!

  • How did you meet? We both have the same hairstylist. Jude was getting a cut the same day as my best friend, and she saw Jude and thought he would be perfect for me. It took about 8 months, but we connected and met for coffee and then proceeded to go out the next two nights.

  • How did he propose? Jude took me to the coffee shop where we had our first date on our 1 year dating anniversary. He got down on one knee outside of the coffee shop. He had planned ahead and had his friends who are photographers take pictures of the moment.

  • For the Groom | What do you love most about your girl? That she's my best friend. Her love, understanding, sense of humor, and the communication that we have with each other.

  • For the Bride | What do you love most about your guy? I love how he loves me - he just knows how to make me feel loved and special.


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