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Kim + Phil | Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

I long for the day when my blog posts will no longer start with the words "COVID affected wedding", but until then ... here we are.

I "met" Kim through a serendipitous Facebook group moment where her requests for a tropical, Charlotte based venue and help with how to care for a silicone wedding band led to a DM conversation that eventually led to her and her fiance Phil booking me for their tiny COVID-Plan B wedding day. While their destination wedding in Mexico for this year was tossed out the window and rescheduled for next year, they still wanted to find a local place that matched their vibe and get married sooner rather than later. Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden fit the bill ... so with a handmade silk floral bouquet, silicone rings engraved with "Don't Postpone Joy", a new wedding dress, and their closest family and friends, this fun loving couple took the plunge into marriage.


Wanna know how they met?? Here's their story, told by Kim :

We met at the gym where I just started coaching in the fall of 2018. He was interested, and I wasn't! Lol...I found him endearing, but didn't think he was my type at all. He hosted a New Years Eve party at his home, and we ended up being the only two single ones there, so of course he made his way over to me when the ball dropped. I totally dodged his attempt at a kiss and gave him a hug, but he didn't accept that, so I gave him the quickest, tiniest peck and made sure no one saw it, lol. The next day, he asked me on a date, and I decided to give him a chance even though I kept telling myself he wasn't my type. Dinner was nice, but again, I didn't think it would go anywhere. The NEXT day, after the gym, he asked if he could make me dinner, and after several minutes of deliberation (me literally saying, "Ummm....welllll.....I AM hungry.....umm....I don't have any food at home.....ummmmm.....uhhhhh" - yes I said that all of that out loud to him lol), I accepted the offer, and it ended up being the best decision I ever made. Before we knew it, it was 4:15am, and we'd been lost in conversation. It turned out he was exactly my type, and from that point on, we were inseparable!


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