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Kristin + Brady | Chattooga River, SC

This elopement was a dream. It filled my adventure love tank that has been empty for so long. When Kristin and Brady's wedding plans fell apart due to the elephant in the room that just won't frickin go away, we brainstormed alternatives, and ended up with a plan that was so personal to these two that we wondered why it wasn't the plan all along! They decided to wed in the same place they got engaged, under a waterfall along a river that has given them so many wonderful memories with so many special people. Along with four of their closest friends/fellow rafting guides/and one turned overnight officiant, we whitewater rafted nine miles and four hours on the Chattooga River, stopping midway to get Kristin and Brady hitched. Through Class 5 rapids, slippery hikes, lots of beer, and wet clothes, we all shared an experience that will never be forgotten.


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