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Kristin + Sean's CLT E-Sesh

Kristin was referred to me through one of my dear 2019 brides, and as soon as we - including her fiance Sean - sat down at the Sunflour Bakery and started chatting, it was a match made in heaven.

This Bumble connected couple had their first date at South End's glorious Queen Park Social, so it was only right for the place to be used as part of their engagement photos. And thank goodness Charlotte's bars are trendy af and pretty much works of arts, making this space beyond amazing for different looks and a variety of settings ... including their iconic sign, a dreamy vine covered brick wall, and large garage doors offering the best incoming light. 

Once we finished up there, we slowly made our way into the city, but had to make a pit stop at Jeni's, well, because ... you know, ice cream and orange stools ... While Kristin and Sean pretty much melted the place down, the sun was saying goodbye - daylight savings can't get here soon enough! - so our field trip into the city was cut short, leaving us with only a handful of epic in-the-street building pics, but I'm not complaining, because, well, look at them! 

Part 2 of their e-sesh coming soon ... as soon as we shoot it ;) Curious yet??   


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