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Lindsay + Stuart's CLT Engagement Takeover

I knew as soon as I met this Tinder-matched couple at Foxcroft Wine that good things were going to happen with them. I had the honor of photographing Lindsay's also-engaged brother a few weeks before her and Stuart's shoot, so it was ultra exciting to get the other sibling pair and her fiancee in front of my camera. 

This was by far a bucket list shoot for me, including using an alley I've had my eye on for quite some time and jumping up and down when these two gorgeous people showed up in formal wear.

PSA: please guys, include a glam outfit in your engagement sessions, because - jaw drop - see below...

We walked the streets of uptown CLT, blending in among the swarms of prom goers (yes, we all look 17, thank you very much), and stopping every half block or so on our way to "the alley" as my squirrel tendencies kick in in full force when shooting in a city. We finished off the evening at Freedom Park, made perfectly complete by hijacking someone's rose covered proposal site, shooting until the sun forced us to stop. 

And all I can say is maybe I need to debunk the myth that Tinder totally sucks...

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