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On Top of the World with Gabrielle + Justin

This was one of those sessions, you guys ...

I talked to Gabrielle on the phone months ago, and she decided to book me for her and Justin's Tennessee vineyard wedding next September. The first step in the exciting "we're getting married" process is engagement photos of course. This outdoorsy couple knew exactly where they wanted their photos taken, a popular hiking trail/lookout off the Blue Ridge Parkway, called Rough Ridge, where they - along with their pups - hike often. Exciting for me was the chance to finally be able to shoot at this well known photographer's paradise!

We did have to reschedule once due to this crazy rainy summer we've had, but this time around, even with the threat of showers, we powered through - and the good Lord listened to my prayers of holding off the rain for one hour. Beautiful it was though as the rolling fog came in and overcast skies made for the perfect diffused light. Hiking to the top was well worth it, as the views were every bit as perfect as they needed to be to make this place as special to photographers as it is. In fact, we dodged a couple brides and couples with the same idea as us. 

Gabrielle and Justin were pure passion. It's not every day where you have a guy who completely takes the reigns in photographs, where he spins his girl (fingers crossed that swing band makes it to the wedding!) and jumps over rocks without any hesitation or prompting, makes her laugh with corny jokes (sorry J, you know they were, but they worked!), and looks at his beloved with such authenticity. They, along with their awesome pups and their friend Danyelle - dog handler and smoke bomb lighter extraordinaire, were frickin amazing to hang out and adventure with. I love them, I love them, I love them. 

These pictures though ... 


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