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Pam + JJ's Intimately Classic Wedding Day

This was such a beautiful day spent in downtown Winston Salem at the quaint Historic Brookstown Inn with Pam, JJ, and an intimate number of their closest family and friends. Despite the pouring rain - YES, yet another December wedding day where raincoats and camera covers were needed - we were patient and creative, quick and crafty, and still created stunning images using overhangs, covered spaces, and indoor window light. 

Pam and JJ, a long distance couple with a fierce love for the Lord and "their" daughter - who Pam brought into the relationship and JJ lovingly covered as his own - only wanted me for the first part of their wedding day, and chose just to have the ceremony and portraits captured. So while I was only witness to the joining of hands and hearts and the magic of creating portraits, I know that their reception and the rest of the evening was a continued celebration of this sweet couple and new family coming together for eternity.


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