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Sami + Josh | Levine Museum of the New South

Oh hey look, I have a blog! I'm back to updating you all with the beautiful events and sessions that I've been a part of these last couple months. Starting with Sami and Josh's second wedding celebration ...

If you saw their first go round : , then here is the much awaited sequel! With just one big oopsie ("You have the dress, right?" "No, you have the dress!" ... spoiler - we eventually got the dress, just an hour or so late), these two gathered up their family and friends and got hitched again, this time in Charlotte. Yet they still continued along the unconventional path, with a ceremony consisting only of each bridesmaid and groomsman taking the mic and speaking words of love over the couple. Then the dessert tables and dance floors were opened, and the rest of the night was a good 'ol fashioned wedding party.


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