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Sarah + Mark's Tiny Weekday Wedding

You all know tiny weddings are super special to me, so when this bride reached out mere weeks before her special day, you know I was all about it!

I met Sarah for the first time on her wedding day, moments before she walked down the aisle with her father (which was about a 7 minute stroll down a long paved sidewalk from The Dairy Barn to The Graham Cabin, a tiny house tucked away in the woods). She had forgotten her bouquet at home, so just before she reached her husband-to-be, her maid of honor handed her a small bundle of wildflowers that she had just picked beside the cabin. Small moments such as these are constant reminders of why I adore the most intimate of weddings. Surrounded by a small group of family and friends, with nothing but peaceful nature as decoration, Sarah and Mark spoke their vows to each other, and promised God that they would cherish this marriage.

After a round of portraits, and some walks through the fields, this new husband and wife joined the rest of their loved ones at a restaurant to continue the celebration, and I drove home, blissfully happy and content and thankful that this is how I got to spend a Thursday afternoon.


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