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The Wedding Day of Ansley + Hunter

Ansley was a referral from one of my back-in-the-day Daily Mom girls, and without meeting beforehand or even batting an eye, she booked me for her wedding ages ago. I had the privilege of finally meeting her for her bridal session a couple months before her wedding day, and we created some unique and stunning images together at the Zimmerwald Estate Barn + Grainery (check them out here!).

We headed back to that beautiful property, and under a blazing sun and sparkly chandelier, with the sweet couple's family and friends as witnesses, Hunter and Ansley became husband and wife.

With so many personal touches throughout the day, such as handwritten vows promised to each other, a vast dessert table potluck-style with mouth watering cakes baked with love by Ansley's mother, grandmother, and mother-in-law, a fire pit with all the fixins for s'mores, a Polaroid guest book, country music roaring on the dance floor, and huge baskets of flavored popcorn, it was a celebration tailor-made to fit the couple's personalities, and one I was honored to capture for them. 


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