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Uptown Love with Katelynn + Trevor

This was a dream session. No joke, guys. Katelynn and Trevor, a dating couple of six years, made the move to Charlotte just a year ago from New York state, and now are planning to go back to that wintery place, but wanted a photo session together to remember their short stint here in the greatest city in the US - not biased or anything, ahem ahem... CLT will miss them, that's for sure.

These two were absolutely a blast to hang out with for an hour around the city. Full of laughs, jokes, and just genuine happiness, they fully embraced my whole un-posing philosophy and chased the light with me from Romare Bearden to my favorite parking deck.

There's nothing better than two people who have spent years together and you can just feel their comfortableness. I'm honored to have been invited into a small part of their lives, and I can only hope that the images we created together are the perfect reminder of the time when life brought them here to this city. 


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