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Amber + Richie | Kernersville, NC

Amber and Richie made love look effortless on this beautiful fall evening, complete with free lensing and re-visiting the gazebo where they became engaged 11 months ago. I'm just so happy I get to create images like these with people who wholeheartedly deserve them. Excited for May to arrive to get these two married!

  • How did you meet? We met on Bumble in November of 2018. He had graduated from the same university that I was attending and was still living in the area. We had our first date at a local coffee shop and ended up playing with puppies at a local pet store. We began to formally date by the end of November.

  • How did he propose? He had originally asked for both my parents and brother's permission to propose in the summer of 2020. He actually had my friend (now one of my bridesmaids) take me ring shopping as a joke but she was paying attention to all the rings that I liked and would sneak pictures of them. He ended up by picking one of those rings. At the time, I was still in graduate school at ETSU and was about to enter into my comprehensive university and national exams to graduate/get my license in speech language pathology. He originally wanted to propose in January of 2021, however, when he asked my roommate at the time if that would be a good idea, he told him not to because I would be in the middle of exams and would not be a nice person. He then decided to propose before Christmas on December 19th. He got his mom to lie saying that we needed to pick up his younger brothers from Harmon Park in Kernersville NC. Because it was during the Christmas season, usually the gazebo there would have lights, however for some reason this time the lights were off. Richie started to get nervous but decided to go through with the plan. He dropped a piece of paper on the ground that said "I want to travel to all the Disney parks with you...look down and say yes". At first I was confused but then when I saw him on one knee I realized that he was proposing, and of course I said yes. The proposal was like our relationship, perfectly imperfect.

  • For the Groom | What do you love most about your girl? I love her heart. She has such a compassion for others and is patient with their needs. She puts others before herself and even though she may not always show it, she loves to support others and assist them when they need it. She also has such a drive to succeed in her career because she wants to give a voice to the voiceless. I love and appreciate her compassion whether it is for me, her family, my family, her dog, or her friends she always wants to make a difference.

  • For the Bride | What do you love most about your guy? I really appreciate his patience with me. Richie is probably the most supportive person that I know. He has stuck with me through thick and thin. I can be a very cold and factual person at times and so on our first date I told him that my career and education were the most important things to me and that I may attend graduate school out of state. Somehow, that didn't scare him off and he not only supported that decision for me to apply out of state but he also stayed up until 2 am proof reading my applications. He supported me throughout my crazy grad school career and even now he is encouraging me as I begin my clinical fellowship. He loves me deeply despite my flaws and does everything he can to ensure that I feel loved and supported.


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