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Anna + Gunnar | Fisher Farm Park

God held back the rain so Anna and Gunnar could walk through fields, practice dance moves, and pop some beers. Such an easy session for me cause these two brought it all, and then some! Can’t wait to do it all over again in November for their wedding!

  • How did you meet? We met on a dating app (LOL), despite having went to the same high school and living in the same hometown.

  • How did he propose? He proposed on Thanksgiving 2021 during family pictures.

  • For the Groom | What do you love most about your girl? I love that she always wants me to be myself and loves me for being myself. I never feel like I have to act a certain way around her. Just one of the many reasons why I love her!

  • For the Bride | What do you love most about your guy? I love how deeply he cares about me and other people. He would do anything for the ones he loves. He is so selfless and he inspires me everyday to be a better person!


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