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Anna + Rhyan's Moody AF Backyard Wedding

I can't tell you how often a boudoir client becomes a wedding client; and when it happens, it's truly the best. Once you reach that level of trust, there's nothing that the two of you can't take on during a wedding day together.

Almost a year later, if not longer, after Anna's boudoir session with me, she called me up and told me she was now a bride-to-be, and would I photograph her special day. It was just icing on the nothin' bundt cake that her wedding was going to be an intimate, classic backyard (or in this case, front yard) wedding, taking place at sunset, with all the moody feels. Nothing speaks to me more, you guys know that.

That day, the day that Charlotte weather finally got tired of being so hot, set up in her sister's yard, with candles and twinkly lights piercing the overcast, dark skies, Anna and Rhyan walked into their future together, as his best friend officiated the vows and exchanging of rings.

Then the party took over, right in the driveway, as drinks flowed and amazing food was devoured, as a makeshift dance floor underneath the basketball hoop saw sweet moves and that cake was cut.


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