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Bayley + Tyler | Marvin Efird Park

Ahhh, this couple is simply the best! No stranger in front of the camera, this photo loving family of four (see stories below) make photo shoots a vital part of their relationship, even from the start! So it was an honor to be able to photograph them for their engagement session, and oh my goodness, what an amazing evening we had at a local park, full of natural sun flares, twirls through grassy fields, and puppy kisses.

  • How did you meet? We met through mutual friends who knew we both had Australian Shepherds. We then had our first date at Wooden Robot in South End where we took Christmas pictures with Santa and our dogs! Funny enough, Bayley didn’t think this was a people date, she thought it was a doggie play date.

  • How did he propose? Since the dogs are what brought us together, Tyler wanted to make sure they were included in the proposal. He got a bandana for his dog Cooper that said, “Will you marry my Dad?” that he put on during our fall family pictures!

  • For the Groom | What do you love most about your girl? It’s hard to point out what I love most because there is so much to love. My favorite thing is that she pulls the best out of me so I become the best version of myself.

  • For the Bride | What do you love most about your guy? I love how much fun we have together, and how no matter what we are doing Tyler will make me laugh and smile! He always makes my day better no matter what kinda mood I am in! I love how he will do the small things too to make me happy, such as wearing matching family pjs with our dogs so we can take family pictures or any other crazy ideas no matter how silly!


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