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Chad + Casey's Pilot Mountain E-Session

Back in February, I had the honor of hiding in bushes as I captured Chad proposing to Casey at his parent's lakeside house -- the whole story here -- and the other weekend I was able to get them back in front of the camera for their engagement session. I was so over the moon smitten with their proposal images, that I could not wait to photograph more of their love story.

Casey wanted a mountaintop view and a sweeping field (and I wanted to smoke bomb the shit out of them - sure, two different feels, but we made it all work, cause they're totally rad, and I make magic happen), with a completely laid back, authentically genuine vibe, so we settled on driving the short distance to Pilot Mountain for a Saturday evening sesh.

As we drove from Charlotte to the hills, dodging summer downpours, we met at the top of the mountain, complete with a couple llamas donning sunbonnets to greet us. I found our perfect summit - thanks to the help of a cute stranger and his friends who hiked with me for an hour before Casey and Chad arrived - and we spent the drizzly evening balancing on cliffs, running through grassy fields, and making colored bombs explode until the park ranger kicked us out. 

It was an amazingly blissful night, and I'm even more excited than I was before to shoot their January wedding!  


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