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Ciera + Andrew's Wintry Mountain E-Sesh

Another successful visit to Pilot Mountain in the books! I will never tire of shooting in this space, even in the dead of winter, where you can spot snowflakes and your hot breath, and cuddling up with your person is made even easier, and almost necessary.

Me and the crew - the babies and boyfriend - made the drive to the peak where I met Ciera and Andrew, a fellow upstate New York engaged couple transplanted to Charlotte, and we braved the bitter cold for their engagement session. They love Halloween and everything spooky and dark, so an eerie vibe was on the docket for the day, which was made easy for the first half of the session, what with the heavy clouds, bare branches, and black ensembles. It was sophisticated, dark, and emotion-full, even with red noses and fingers, and simply beautiful. 

For the last half of the evening, they bundled up in flannel and blankets, and to say it heated up a bit at the top of that mountain was an understatement. Congrats you two, and may your New York wedding day be everything you want it to be! 


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