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Kerry + Zach | Freedom Park

This night was a breath of fresh air - literally. With cool, fall temperatures, Kerry and Zach tossed on some sweaters, jumped on some swings, and created such a fun environment for their engagement session. I had so much fun and laughed so hard. Love this couple!

  • How did you meet? We met on the dating app, Hinge. Zach sent me a “like” first, and I remember looking at his profile thinking “Well, he isn’t that bad. I’ll give him a chance”. Shortly after we matched, we were messaging back and forth and scheduled a date for a few days later. It only took that one date for us to realize we had found the one.

  • How did he propose? We rented a cabin in Bryson City on St. Patrick’s day weekend. I knew that he was going to propose that weekend, because we had gone ring shopping together. I also knew because I am also very annoying and kept asking when he was going to propose. At some point he got tired of me asking and said “We’re going a trip in March. That’s when”. On St. Patrick’s Day, our first full day in our cabin, it was rainy and we didn’t think it was a good idea to drive up and down a steep mountain. So, we stayed inside and relaxed. We were watching TV in the living room for a while. I needed to grab something out of my backpack in the bedroom, and when I came back to the living room Zach was down on one knee holding the ring. I, of course, started crying and said yes!

  • For the Groom | What do you love most about your girl? I love her big heart. She has so much love to give. And she can confirm her right ventricle is enlarged.

  • For the Bride | What do you love most about your guy? What I love most about Zach is his strength. I’m not talking about physical strength, but it’s certainly an added bonus! His mental and emotional strength always help balance me out. He’s calm when I’m crazy, and logical when I’m emotional.


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