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Sarah + Matt in the Field of Dreams

Sarah's bridal consult back in December lasted well over three hours, as glass after glass of wine and plates of chocolates were brought to us. It was a night where I walked away from the Dilworth Tasting Room completely satisfied - and not only because of the sweet buzz I had; the feeling of contentment, kindred spirits, and beautifully deep conversation left me with a natural high that carried me into the days that followed.

After our meeting, I was ecstatic when she booked me for their May 2018 Blowing Rock wedding, and I couldn't wait to meet the man who had swept her off her feet. As their engagement photo evening arrived, I was already coming off a passionate day spent with people I love, doing all the things I love, so this was simply the icing on the cake of a life well lived. As we danced at golden hour in my field of dreams, dodging rose thorns and soaking up every minute of the fading sunlight, I closed the book on a day of pure perfection. 

There isn't anything more amazing than being able to take this journey with a bride and groom; to spend small moments learning them, laughing with them, and bottling up the love and joy they feel for each other before their actual wedding day. For when that day comes, it's even easier to melt into their families, to walk through the spaces and feel comfortable and at peace with the ambience they've created through their personalities and their relationship. I love having a front row seat to the greatest show of love.


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