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Taylor + Conner | Sky Ridge Farm

There's no better way to describe this Virginia engagement session than what I had posted on my Instagram, so here ya go copy and paste fans :

"Pushed through thunderstorms and post-surgery aches and pains to help this amazing couple celebrate their original wedding date in a slightly different way. Jeans and a crop top replaced a wedding dress and tux, and an empty barn and wayward bottle of champagne took the place of a packed dance floor and open bar. But the one thing that stays the same, through this covid-cancelled wedding and all, is the laughter, joy, and love these two people share. And next year when we meet again at the stunning Sky Ridge Farm for take two of Taylor + Conner’s wedding day, the people will fill the room, but last night’s feeling will have never left. So it’s all okay."


Here's their love story : as told by Taylor

How did you meet?

After years of our moms crafting a plan for us to meet ... We met in Richmond at the end of summer 2018 for drinks at Jasper, a quaint bar in Cary Town Richmond. We spent a couple of hours sitting back on the couches talking about everything under the moon. We talked ourselves hungry, and Conner asked if I wanted to go get tacos. We laughed the rest of the night away at our terrible choice in tacos as they were not an attractive eat. Conner says that he knew he loved me from that moment at En Su Boca.

How did he propose?

Conner had well thought out every piece to his proposal. Weeks before the big day, Conner secretly (after a last minute change in plans where he ditched me to have a “relaxing weekend” in Richmond) traveled to Fishersville to express his intentions to my dad and ask for his blessing. We know now that my dad totally knew why Conner randomly traveled to see him on a Saturday evening and made him fidget through a painful whole half of a football game before letting him have the floor. After receiving my Dad's blessing, he called both of my brothers to ask for their blessings as well. Thanksgiving Day was spent surrounded by my family and Conner’s parents who traveled in from North Carolina to spend the holiday with us. After we had all eaten too many plates, my little brother Luke, insisted on building a fire for everyone. As we gathered around the fire, we decided to start taking pictures for Christmas cards. It got to me and Conner (and Knox, of course, our dog) and we took a few pictures. I thought it was so weird that he insisted on standing behind me for the photos. He stepped away from me, and not being done with the photos, I turned around to find Conner down on one knee. What a special, total surprise, and to have the people that mean the most to us standing around for the big moment meant the world.


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